Enchantment Video
Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Enchantment Video will help you bring your story to life. Whether we're creating a documentary, a corporate video or a full length music video, our Enchantment Video team will always be true to the core concept of the project.

Offering more than just video production, Enchantment Video offers editing, sound production, and works both in studio and on location.

Since we began, we have grown a core team of creative and talented individuals focused on great ideas, high quality content and customer service. Each of us have unique skills and approaches, enabling open-minded styles with wide array of creative ideas.

Welcome to Enchantment Video

Enchantment Video is a nationally-renowned video production company, creating energetic commercials and videos for some of the world’s most praised brands.

Whether your project is a simple 1-camera shoot or a complex international video production, we ensure an enjoyable experience and a great finished product that everyone will be proud of.

We handle all details of your project’s production from development to production to post-production. We have all the latest equipment, and the most skilled people to utilize it.

Our post-production team includes motion graphics artists, editors, VFX animators, and sound designers

We have directed hundreds of shoots and we keep a world wide arrangement of regional crews, we can film anywhere.

Enchantment Video knows how to use creativity.We know how to use are skills to persuade audiences, patrons and clients on behalf of our costumers.

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Surveillance Enhancement
and Depositions
Turn that poor quality video into your smoking gun!
Let our video experts handle all you legal video needs
Portrait Photography
The highest quality at a reasonable price. Free quotes, don’t speculate. Speak live with a Photographer now!
Social Media Management
Enchantment Video also does social media management offering custom digital marketing strategies to help businesses establish brand identity and grow their online audience.
Enchantment Video
221 Broadway Blvd SE,
Albuquerque, NM 87102
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